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Professional Development


Elevating Organisational, Group and Individual Performance to Extraordinary Levels. Together.

What we do. In-person & Virtual.

Together with our associated trainers, facilitators and consultants, PS DEVELOPMENT helps organisations and individuals outperform the competition through innovative and co-creative working cultures. We support our clients globally in multiple languages, offering specialised expertise within specific industries as needed.

Translating and road-mapping live formats into engaging, interactive virtual or blended experiences, from a design, technical, facilitation and delivery perspective. Examples of this are large-scale events, conferences or multiple-touchpoint learning journeys over extended periods of time, including designing and hosting World Cafes and Open Spaces.



Professional Development



Our Focus
  • coaching, mentoring & shadowing

  • enterprise agility

  • leadership, team & personal growth

  • change & talent management

  • co-creation in virtual teams

  • communities of practice

  • communication cultures & competencies

  • regulatory compliance + inspection training for pharma

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Are You Ready to Ignite Lasting Change in Your Organisation?

About Me

Tanja Murphy-Ilibasic

Tanja is a certified corporate coach, facilitator and communications specialist with 25+ years of experience working with major multi-nationals, particularly within the pharmaceutical & petrochemical industries.

She has extensive experience in designing and running synchronous and asynchronous formats in live, blended or virtual formats.

A dynamic speaker, train-the-trainer and presenter, Tanja has exceptional interpersonal and motivational skills.